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 Ololamin Gellantara, Lost pride within the Sea

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Ololamin Gellantara

Ololamin Gellantara

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PostSubject: Ololamin Gellantara, Lost pride within the Sea   Ololamin Gellantara, Lost pride within the Sea Icon_minitimeWed Apr 14, 2010 1:28 pm

His fir/skin is White all over, with bright amber eyes,

He and his clan were an fishing expedition and while at sea, they were attacked by a kraken, tearing the ship into pieces from port to stern and sets his fate into motion. Being young only about 25 years of age, the virile young Minotaur was in the fight of his life against the raging sea, but the kraken was still perusing him, one of it's tenticles had conked him in the back of his head as it tried to coil him up. He managed to stay upon a piece of floatsom, where it drifted into the open sea. For days he was drifting in and out of consciousness, bleeding and starved, he just opted to continue sleeping until he had hit land. He ended up on the eastern landmass in a small elven village on the mainland, where he was found by an High Elf priest, and he was taken in by him. He couldn't remember whom he was, but found it quite interesting that he was able to speak and understand their language almost as if it he had always known it. That is what intrested the High Elf priest, and why he kept fighting for him to stay in their village. After many months of deliberation between people in the village, they decided to let him stay, but only if he used his strength for the greater good of their people. He agreed, but he still couldn't remember his name. The priest, though the local swordmage might be able to help him tap into himself and remember some of his past. The Swordmage Rae, decided that she could help give him a new home with her old family name, but after training, the sword he chose to train with would give him a new one.

So train they did, a few more months went by. and Rae started to notice that the Minotaur was more than what he seemed, he was able to wield the broadsword he chose, like picking up a twig and waving it around like it was nothing. She had walked up to him and asked him, Does it speak to you? Your sword, does it speak to you? He shook his head in disagreement. Rae said "Tonight we perform the bonding"

The stars were out, it was pitch black, except for the fire in front of them, They begun a long chant, with the sword propped up over the fire like a roasted pig. Strange blue runes started to form on the sword. it looked like it was going to melt. Rae told him to touch it. Pick it up, and take it for all that you embody, what you think of yourself, and the values you own. The minotaur looked at her, and got up, and reached for the hilt. It seared his hand and it he didn't scream, the sword did, "Ololamin" . The bonding was complete. Rae told him, this training was for the safety of himself, and for them. You have been taught these ways different from the way we normally teach them to our kin. I believe it will suit your nature very well. You shall always remember the name given to you by the sword, but you shall never use it outside of this village, for it could bring a backlash upon them from the cities. You must claim a name for your own, or taken none. I pray for you that you will find your way back home. The minotaur looked down, and thrusted his sword into the ground and spoke, "Megil En Lenn"(Sword of Journey) raised his head, gathered his things, and took his leave.

His goals are.
1. Regain his memories
2. Follow his new principles
3. To continue his training and when ready, Secure a way back home to his family/kind
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Ololamin Gellantara, Lost pride within the Sea
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