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 [b]Markus With A K[/b]

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PostSubject: [b]Markus With A K[/b]   [b]Markus With A K[/b] Icon_minitimeMon Apr 12, 2010 6:55 pm

I am Markus With A K...

I am a Goliath warlord who has trained for many years at the Westenrn millitary acadamy with my minatour ally and brother in arms, Gendoros. I'm usually a serious, forward thinking, tactition. But at other times, I can have an almost goofy personialty. I can be full of contadictions.

I enterd the acadamy so I could learn to lead my people in what I feel is a coming time of war. With knolage gained, I would unite my people into an army, instead of a loose band on nomads.
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[b]Markus With A K[/b]
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