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 Rubicon, Shardmind Summoning Wizard

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PostSubject: Rubicon, Shardmind Summoning Wizard   Rubicon, Shardmind Summoning Wizard Icon_minitimeMon Mar 22, 2010 10:55 am

Rubicon is a shardmind, hailing from the Astral Sea. His mindset is that of the "God Shards", one of three philosophies associated with most, perhaps all shardmind. In this respect, he is to gather as much power as possible, to use it to power the Living Gate, a powerful force said to prevent the Far Realm from destroying the universe itself.

However, Rubicon goes about this method in a different matter. He believes that knowledge is the ultimate source of power, and instead dedicates himself to learning everything he can about... well, everything. He is naturally gifted with the arcane arts, having gained the ability to summon powerful creatures to aid him in combat. However, he is not the violent type, only using force when reasoning is out of the question. He travels with his familiar, a creature he believes to be the epitome of majesticness...
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Rubicon, Shardmind Summoning Wizard
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