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 Journy to the righteus path.

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Journy to the righteus path. Empty
PostSubject: Journy to the righteus path.   Journy to the righteus path. Icon_minitimeThu Feb 25, 2010 5:30 pm

As a young hatchling, Torrin was always the one that was always able to tell wrong from right. Torrin was always a proud follower of Bahamut. One day in his young life he was around the age of 13, Torrin awoke to the sounds of screams. He saw a black dragonborn weilding a bulwhip and a scmitar laughing at the pandamonim he has caused in the camp of the metalics.

Torrin saw that his clan members were being slaughtered by this man. Torrins mother layed at his feet screaming for help. With a quick flick of his wrist, he lobed her head off with one stroke of his scmitar.Torrin ran for help, but by the time he returned the hunter was gone.

That day Torrin fell from Bahamut. He not knowing any better he felt that Bahamut sent him there. Not knowing that this chromatic was acting on behalf of Tiamat. Torrin began following the path of the raven queen and began his trainig as a palidin.

After two years of trainig Torrin went out to try and find this dragon hunter. disguising him self as a black chromatic, Torrin was on his way. Just short of the city Torrin had an odd fealing, a feeling of being followed. As he sulked through the trees he went on to make his second bigest mistake yet.

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Journy to the righteus path.
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