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 Kai, Kalashtar Avenger

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PostSubject: Kai, Kalashtar Avenger   Kai, Kalashtar Avenger Icon_minitimeSat Jan 30, 2010 8:17 pm

I have held three names in my lifetime.

The first was given to me at birth, and I held it for most of my young life. My first name meant little to me then, however, and means less to me now. Thus, I will not bother sharing it with you.

The second was stolen from me long ago, along with my innocence and the purpose I once held in life. My second name meant “purity of spirit.” It was given to me on the day I dedicated my life to saving the lives of others.

The third, I carry as a reminder of all that I lost, and all I will destroy lest I forget. A broken name, as steeped in bloodshed and death as my second was in healing and in life. The name marking the dawn of the new purpose I now hold in death.


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Kai, Kalashtar Avenger
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