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 New Mechanic: "New/Altered Skills"

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PostSubject: New Mechanic: "New/Altered Skills"   New Mechanic: "New/Altered Skills" Icon_minitimeThu Jan 28, 2010 5:10 pm


Gift (MND): The “Gift” skill is what you use whenever you choose to make a check concerning one of your Gifts. Example: You have Empathy as a Gift. You decide to use your Empathy to manipulate the emotions of another party member. You would roll a “Gift” check vs. a set DC, or vs. the target’s WILL or SHLD, whichever your DM decides.

Lore (INT): The “Lore” skill replaces the former INT-fueled “Arcana,” but can also be used as a general knowledge check concerning monster origins, etc.

Perform (DEX or CHA): The “Perform” skill is used when making a check to sing or play an instrument. When creating your character, choose either DEX or CHA to fuel your “Perform” skill. When using DEX for a perform check, you are using your character’s technical understanding of singing or playing, and when using CHA, you are using your character’s natural charm. A character with the Bardic Talent Gift can instead use the “Gift” skill for perform checks.

Ride (DEX): The “Ride” skill is used to ride a creature that is a size category larger than you or bigger, especially in combat. While riding, you and your mount each get a move action, and you can take a standard action or direct your mount to take a standard, move, or minor action unless you make a “Ride” check. If you meet or exceed an easy DC, then you and your mount may both take a standard action. Various other actions can also be accomplished with a “Ride” check, such as dropping down alongside your mount to gain cover, mounting or dismounting quickly, etc. If you ride a mount bareback or ride a creature ill-suited to be a mount, you take a -5 penalty to your ride checks.


Arcana (MAG): The “Arcana” skill now runs off of your character’s MAG, rather than INT. Only those characters with Mage Talent can use and be trained in “Arcana.” Mage Talented characters who are trained in “Arcana” also get a Passive Arcana sense that can be used to detect and sense the presence of magic.


This information can also be found the "Elaria Player's Guide," coming soon!

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New Mechanic: "New/Altered Skills"
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