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 New Mechanic: "Shield Defense"

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PostSubject: New Mechanic: "Shield Defense"   New Mechanic: "Shield Defense" Icon_minitimeThu Jan 28, 2010 5:08 pm


Those who possess the MAG or MND ability score have access to a new defense, called Shield (SHLD). Any neck slot item or feat that would add its enhancement bonus to your FORT, REF, and WILL also adds its bonus to your SHLD.

All attacks with the “Implement” keyword are subject to SHLD. If an attack with the “Implement” keyword meets or exceeds your character’s SHLD, the attack is carried out as normal. But if an attack with the “Implement” keyword does not meet or exceed your character’s SHLD, then the damage dealt by the attack (if any) is reduced by an amount equal to your MND or MAG modifier (whichever is fueling your SHLD) + half level.

Your SHLD also helps you defend against Gifts. If a player or an enemy tries to use a Gift on you, such as trying to burn you with Firestarting or trying to read your thoughts with Thoughtsensing, they would roll a “Gift” check vs. your SHLD.


This information will also be featured in the upcoming "Elaria Player's Guide!"

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New Mechanic: "Shield Defense"
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