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 Online Campaign Structure

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PostSubject: Online Campaign Structure   Online Campaign Structure Icon_minitimeThu Jan 28, 2010 4:51 pm

Here's how things are going to work.

There will be a main forum area for whatever plotline we are in. The first and current is "Converging Destinies." Within that forum will be--you guessed it!--threads. Each thread will be numbered 01, 02, 03, etc followed by a short title, like our story posts. Some will be encounter threads, and will be marked by (E) after the title; some encounter threads will also be designated as "E-SC" which means the encounter will be a Skill Challenge. Others will be strictly RP threads marked with (RP) after the title. RP threads are not to be confused with stories, those will be in another section on the forum (Forgotten Tales). Many times an RP thread will lead directly into an encounter thread, so be prepared. RP threads will not rely on any sort of initiative order, so whoever manages to post in them can do so whenever; if you aren't able to make a post before the thread ends and a new encounter thread starts, I'm sorry.

EXPERIENCE POINTS: You won't have to worry about adding your own xp. I will tell you how much xp you've gained, and I will add it to your sheet myself. I'm clarifying this because I don't want anyone to accidently gain double xp by adding it themselves when I've already done so, okay?

Any questions? PM me and I'll do my best to explain. Please be patient and remember that I'm as new to this as all of you are.

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Online Campaign Structure
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