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 Dragonar, the Warforged Dragoon

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PostSubject: Dragonar, the Warforged Dragoon   Dragonar, the Warforged Dragoon Icon_minitimeFri Dec 04, 2009 9:52 pm

After the war, seeing a warforged became a rare occurrence, especially considering the technology to create new warforged had been lost forever. But years of countless research and experimenting had led a small cult group, known as The Order of The Dragon, to create their own breed of warforged. No longer able to create all new persona for them, instead The Order had to rely on borrowing the minds of "willing donors" and implanting them into metal bodies. The first of many successful results was Dragonar, a warforged blessed with the strength and skills of the legendary dragoon, a fighting style lost in history. But to make this new breed of warforged unique, they imbued each one with the primal powers of the druids, allowing each one to assume the form of a specific creature to aid them in their tasks, merely by shifting various plates and panels on their bodies. More specifically, Dragonar was able to take on the shape of a wolf.

After years in servitude to The Order, Dragonar eventually lost his voice, due to disobeying an order, and also his only friend, due to an uprising of the warforged turning against their creators. After the chaos, after nearly avoiding death at the hands of his 'brothers', Dragonar focused all of his rage on one name: Nigel Brenton, the founder of the Order. Swearing vengeance on this man, for both the loss of his friend, and for the pain he and his 'brothers' had endured, he follows one clue after another, seeking him out to take his life. However, at the same time, he worked to prevent an oncoming war that would spell the end of man...
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Dragonar, the Warforged Dragoon
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