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 "Turning Point"

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PostSubject: "Turning Point"   "Turning Point" Icon_minitimeFri Aug 13, 2010 8:25 pm

Okay, this is the story I've been promising to start from a few weeks back. It takes place after our party fled south from the Vilnian/Frontian military camp to search for Bastien's father.

"Turning Point"

Bastien tried to get comfortable.

He lay upon the hard ground, not having bothered to unpack his tent or even his bedroll, so exhausted was he from the events of the past few days. The battle in the enemy camp had taken a lot out of him, and upon arriving back at the base camp in Vilnis, the young diplomat had been expecting a little bit of rest. That, of course, was not to be, and after some strong words with the new head of the Vilnian war effort, Bastien and the others had fled south in search of Master Sinclair, who could hopefully shed some light on exactly what had happened since they'd left to infiltrate the enemy line.

And the bastard took Danus' eyes Bastien thought angrily, looking over to where the now-blinded changeling rogue lay unmoving beneath his blanket near the fire, having reverted from his familiar human guise upon passing out. He'll pay for this, for all of this...

Worse, perhaps, than the loss of his friends eyes was the fact that this new commander--a stunning young man who claimed to be a personal aid to Vilnis' king--had declared that all of the displaced Frontian refugees must return to their own land, for they were a drain upon the resources of the kingdom of Vilnis. Never mind the fact that Frontia was currently occupied by a massive enemy force, and never mind the fact that the pitiful remaining handful of able-bodied Frontian fighters numbered less than a thousand, they were even now being gathered together and herded toward the great River Kasteel, where they would undoubtedly fight to the death in a vain effort to reclaim their homeland.

And what of the other refugees: the old, the young, the sick and the injured? Bastien could only guess what fate was in store for them.

Closing his eyes and rolling over onto his side, he tried once again to fall asleep, though he found his mind still wandering. A terrible feeling of guilt had come to settle in Bastien's heart since the party's mad flight south, a guilt that he could not seem to assuage, no matter how he tried. Deep inside, he knew that he should have stayed and fought beside his people, even if there was no chance for victory. He was a True Guard, and one of the last, and it was his duty to to everything in his power to defend Frontia, was it not? How could he do that when he was journey south, away from the conflict, to find his adopted-father. Bastien also knew that, were he to ask permission of Sinclair to return north and do what he could in the coming battle, his request would be denied. Blademaster Sinclair was a wise man, and a good member of the ruling council of Frontia, but he loved his son very much, and would not allow him to throw his life away.

But what else is there to do? he wondered as he felt the calming oblivion of sleep finally stealing over him. We cannot go home... So where else is there to go?


Bastien opened his eyes.

He stood in a grove of trees that could not possibly have existed anywhere but here, in his dreams, for their leaves glowed a bright and brilliant blue, and around their dark green trunks wound gorgeous crimson vines that pulsated with some inner light. From these magnificent trees hung dozens of nearly-iridescent, yellow-skinned fruits, and Bastien reached out cautiously to pick one. Taking a bite, he closed his eyes and swallowed, finding it to be unlike anything he'd ever tasted before. Moving closer to one of the alien trees, he sat down and rested his back upon its trunk, surprised to find it soft and comfortable, rather than knotty as he'd been expecting.

"You're wrong, you know," a familiar voice said. "These trees, and this fruit, do exist, though I doubt you'll ever see them anywhere but here." A tall, slender man stepped out from behind one of the trees, and Bastien knew that it was Palo even before he saw the elf's flowing ivory hair and piercing eyes. "I do you a great honor by showing them to you, even here within our dreams." Palo moved gracefully toward Bastien, stopping to lean against the tree and look down upon his friend. "What troubles you so, Bastien, that your mind calls out so strongly to mine of its own accord?"

Bastien was silent as he took another bite of the fruit, lost in thought. Finally he spoke, and his voice was heavy with sorrow and guilt.

"Palo... What am I supposed to do? Where am I supposed to lead my people?"


Okay, I'm leaving off there. Even though it seems like I'm leaving it open for Palo, anyone should feel free to jump in, because since Palo and Bastien are dream-speaking we can pick up their story at any point.

Have at it!
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PostSubject: Return home Bastien   "Turning Point" Icon_minitimeFri Aug 13, 2010 10:12 pm

Palo sighed and grabbed the fruit from Bastien’s hands. “Eleria is like a half eaten fruit, so few places not yet destroyed.” The word yet seemed to set heavy for the young human. “Listen to your heart dear True Guard, you are a last of your kind. Bring you people to my feet, and together we shall rise.” It was a melody of well placed words and Bastien knew just what it meant. “The magic is gone; you welcome us into your land. I imagine a fort to last the hoard, Eleria’s last bite of fruit.”
Palo helped Bastien to his feet resting his hand on his shoulder. “There are many Secret things to aid you in Loriel. The elf’s left many in the exodus though my land is tattered by war with a few strong men I’ve seen what they can do. Rebuild, search, and discover truths. Oh and Bastien Bring me my wife for a special task I have for her.” Bastien took a step back turning his body away from the lyrical elf. “Wife, who are you talking about…don’t tell me! No, really… the tree?” Suddenly the whimsical trees flattened to crusted earth flat barren land. No plant life for as far as eye could see. Palo raises his arm to the surroundings. “This is your world without her. She will choose to leave you if you make her. And on her way out she will kick and scream and nature’s fury will destroy you all. No man has stopped a river.” Palo the brushes his hair back and smiles. “Elves have, but we understand the energies between all things something your brain cannot comprehend.”
Palo walked around the now frozen human. “I hate when this all seems so real.” Palo laughed raising his hands to the air. “How do you know it not? It all could be, and we cannot let it come to past.” Bastien stood up to face the bard. “She makes it very difficult some days.” Palo laughed once more. “She tells me you helped her tremendously, and often speaks about your place among men she believes you will be a powerful leader. “ Palo crossed his arms thinking for a moment. “She has been getting better.” “Not bad compared to the stories I hear about Dragonar and his latest blunders. “ Palo added. “Ok, ok! I’ll bring you your bride; just tell me what mission do you have for her?” Palo points to a small crack in the earth. Bastien stepped forward to see the minute opening.
Suddenly a small sprout wiggled its way out into the sunlight growing bigger and bigger. More and more vegetation of all kinds now rush up from the ground and soon they stood in a lush forest. “I need her to bring Eleria back to life. So they she may help us defeat evil.” Bastien sighed trying to walk through thick foliage. “You Bards, always with the flowery words.” Palo let out a belly laugh causing Bastien to trip on a root. The fall jolted him into reality; he sat forward sitting on the hard ground rubbing his face. “Would you like some berries? There blue and taste like the sun.” Bastien sat cross legged like the young Wilden across from him. “How do you know there not poisonous?” Sur’rel just rolled her eyes. “Duh, I’m a tree right,” Bastien reaches out for a handful and eats them. “No, more than a tree I hear you are to be a bride.” Sur’rel leaned forward “What’s a bride Master Bastien?” Bastien stood up quickly brushing the dust off his once pristine clothes. “You’ll have to wait and ask Palo, we just have to convince the others to go.” Even the mention of his name caused the trees to rustle. For a moment Bastien noticed the connection. “PALO! We must go! I’ll tell them to; this is the best idea you’ve had!” Sur’rel looked up to see Tierryn holding bandage from Danus’ eyes “Sister, what’s a bride?”
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"Turning Point"
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