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 Sur'rel's dream

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PostSubject: Sur'rel's dream   Sur'rel's dream Icon_minitimeMon Jul 12, 2010 4:43 pm

“Sleep, how can we sleep after so much? Our mind and heart has been wounded. Our allies doubt our importance, and mock our existence. We need this sleep; we need to see him again. We call out with the whispers of the wind, with the rustle of the leaves, and the creaking of swaying trees, with the windswept grasses. Sweet bard we need your words to calm me, we seek those spices you have for eyes. Our flesh has memory and cannot forget your lips. Dear Palo I…” The pens movements stop. Sur’rel could not bring herself to finish, her eyes became stone slates and closed with sleeps presence. She often dreamt of lush forest, it was calming to feel so at home. Sur’rel walked over soft green moss stepping over the smallest of ferns, knowing one day they would shade the forest floor. The trees where tall and their bark red the underbrush was thin giving sight to a small pool of water in the distance. The shimmering blue was a stark contrast to the colors of the forest, Sur’rel journeyed to the edge. She knelt down to peer at her reflection; pink flesh with beautiful green eyes stared back. She thought of her fist encounter with Tierryn Mother had send us a sister, one who has more than paid her life debt.
The water was crisp and Sur’rel let out a sharp inhale as she entered, she looked down watching her feet grow farther away the deeper she got. Her hair momentarily floated before settling close around her shoulders, soon she was submerged and the sounds of the forest became nil all was quiet. Then only the faintest of notes Sur’rel stirred with each shrill hum. She knew that sound, that instrument it was a violin it was Palo. She breached the water with a gasp of air. Palo sets his bow and violin on the lush moss and walked to the edge of the water. “Did you find peace down there?” Sur’rel smiles and swims over to his feet. “I think I’ve found my peace.” She says then leaps out grabbing Palo by his arms and pulls him into bitter waters. He emerges with a stern mean look stopping Sur’rel’s laughter his long white hair soaked dripping at the sides of his face a sly smile creeps across his face. “You’ll pay for that.” Sur’rel swims closer and once around Palo she was graceful in the water. “Oh yeah?” she now stood inches from Palo her bare chest barley under the water surface. Silence soon settled between them Palo then took her hands. “I need to tell you, I have returned to Eleria.” Sur’rel’s eyes and mouth opened very wide. “And the army?” Palo sighed breaking away from Sur’rel’s gaze. “The elves have given up hope on this world; they do not wish to return only a few wish to fight.” Sur’rel places her wet hand against his face turning his eyes to meet hers. “You are all Eleria needs. We…I need you.”
She had never felt so singular than in his arms what was this feeling of embers in her gut. “I must go the night is still young I have many to report to. “ She scoffed pushing his hands away. “Like Bastien, he hates us you know!” Palo shook his head. “Bastien is spoiled and hates change he is still a child begging to win a battle he cannot afford to lose.” Sur’rel splashed at the water with her hands.”He calls me a child and…A TREE.” Palo moved closer taking Sur’rel in his arms. “I have lived a century in this flesh, I have seen many things and have come to an understanding with my existence. You my dear are more ancient than Alayah could have known, but at the same time are like a newborn with wide open eyes. This gives you an advantage the others do not understand nor do you but you will.” Sur’rel rested her head in Palo’s chest. “Palo I……” Palo interrupted with two startling words “Love you.” The sensation of hearing those words jolted her away, the white light enveloped her and she was awake. She jumped out of bed shrieking with laughter. Now she knew what the fire inside of her was, it was love. Sur’rel looked around the tent for Tierryn wanting to share her crush with her sister, but to no avail she turned to the door flap and through a sliver of opening could see Bastien polishing his weapons. “We got to tell him Palo’s coming!” She yelled as she burst through the door flap.
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Sur'rel's dream
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