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 The World of Bolermos

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PostSubject: The World of Bolermos   The World of Bolermos Icon_minitimeFri Jul 09, 2010 9:36 pm

The World of Bolermos is not currently accepting any new players (7/12/2010)

Interested in checking out another world using the Dungeons & Dragons 4e rule system?

"Created by the God Boler (pron. Boh-lair), the God Zrent, and the Goddess Pelor, Bolermos is a diverse world full of intrigue, drama, and action. Many adventurers are sent throughout the world to slay dragons, find treasure and save damsels in distress. In such a heroic world few would see the dark undertide that flows within Bolermos. Many evils lurk throughout the land and more crop up every day."

Check out Bolermos Online, our sister-site, and please feel free to contact Febrien or me (Arius) if you have any questions!

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The World of Bolermos
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