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 Sur’rel Eleria’s Wilden

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PostSubject: Sur’rel Eleria’s Wilden   Sur’rel Eleria’s Wilden Icon_minitimeMon May 10, 2010 2:48 am

Sur’rel Eleria’s Wilden
We grow, we live, our leaves, our vines, our bark, it’s all breathing. We are a part of that which is bigger. We have watched your tribe grow, protecting us with your magic. We have repaid you with beautiful forests for your kind to live in. Fruits and grain, vegetables to nourish your bodies, really we are all one. We felt your pain when trees were toppled by blade. We heard your cries as the forest burned. We were there and you will know us. Vengeance will come as nature’s fury, and will wash the land clean. “Sur’rel
Mother gave us many weapons in which to fight this evil encroaching our land. Gifts of the mind, gifts of magic the will to take shape of natures beasts, including the beasts of man. Mother called to us called out in pain, and it coursed through us and brought us together. Mother Eleria gave us shape, gave us curves and called us Sur’rel. We come from a forest few entered the inhabitants here live with the land, and hide their faces behind elaborate masks and disguise. We have watched them grow and we share a bond of the land and fought side by side to protect it. We will never forget the ones who found us and rescued us from the fires of man. The large hairy one named Nermal whose heart is as large as his muscles, and Shadow one Mother says protects the forest and a true ally.
We were like a child, crying lost in the smoke. Watching Mother die men driven by evil ran through the smoke with torches and axe in hand. One stumbled upon us at first he appeared frightened but the blank stare of fear was then turned into pain his hands went to his chest where an arrow stuck through. The man turned and a gigantic beast came crashing through the leaves, with a roar like thunder swung his morning star swiping the man into bloody pulp. We were frozen the Bugbear and his companion came closer I scratched and clawed at the hairy beast but soon relaxed as he picked me up and carried me to safety like a child. When we awoke we were with the tribe of the forest the one Mother watched protectors of this forest of shadows. They took us in nurtured us like precious crop they understood my arrival. We told them there would be more of us from Mother if the destruction continues. The tribe told me where the evil had gone, up to the north to attack the tribes of Loreil and Heva and their forests. Mother needed me to protect her.
Wicked Keeper

When she spoke upon me
The trees swayed with the wind
All the chaos shook in her voice
Her eyes bare rays
She spoke once more
Only her eyes have seen light
Mirrored in the divine
Her feet deep in the mud
When we kiss
Sage is all I taste
My wicked keeper
Narrowed in my respite
Sur’rel Wilden of Eleria

Shadow and Nermal became close friends to us they watched over us like the young sapling we were. They would lead us to Varencia a great walled city Mothers wood stood tall. Nermal had to conceal his fur for the humans did not like it Shadow moved more freely. We had taken human shape before entering the city for our vines and leaves are a stark contrast to the flesh of man and we did not want attention to be drawn to Mothers plans, not just yet. We found provisions for our journey armor and weapons for Mother had given us metals from the earth that shine in the sun. Man has a lust for such things. Nermal did not like the cities of man but we found all things fascinating but we possessed a child eyes. My friends stayed with us until Arton Village but could go no farther for the forest called them back. There was nothing left for us to do there we must move north and prevent this evil from spreading.
We fallowed the circled river of Varencia north to the lake of the mountains it is there we learned many songs from the birds it was the season of the second moon and she hung low but bright covering Mothers valleys in silver light. We could hear her calling to us, all of us. We have become Mothers body and with her voice we sung to the night. The great marsh soon spread out before our feet we drank from its water and called out to the beasts of scale and teeth. We took their form and swam to the mashes edge. Now only a grand river stood between us and our goals, to cross such a vast canyon one would only need winds luckily we had such gifts thanks to Mother.
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Sur’rel Eleria’s Wilden
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