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 The Rare Races of Elaria

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PostSubject: The Rare Races of Elaria   The Rare Races of Elaria Icon_minitimeSun May 09, 2010 4:13 pm

These races are those that are so rare on Elaria, that some people can go their entire lives without ever seeing one.

The Rare Races of Elaria Dragonsp
(Download the player stats for dragons here!)

Average Lifespan: Unknown (several thousand years)

Like the dragonborn, dragons were created by Tiamat in her image, to act as her soldiers in her wars against the other races of Elaria. Off all the horrible beasts that Tiamat had in her service, dragons were the most feared, for their power in battle is unmatched by any of the free races. Dragons have become exceedingly rare in modern times, and many people believe that they are slowly dying out, unable to exist without Tiamat’s power and guidance. Like the dragonborn, most dragons are evil, but there are a few out there who have given over their lives to good, and are either descended from metallic dragons or are chromatics who have been touched by Bahamut’s goodness.


The Rare Races of Elaria Warforged

Average Lifespan: Immortal until killed

In ancient times, powerful artificers learned the secret art of creating a new consciousness and implanting it into a specially-built suit of armor. These warforged were powerful warriors, impervious to age and disease, and nearly indestructible in battle. When the wars against the Draconic Horde finally ended, those artificers who had created the warforged decided that the art they practiced was too close to godlike, and they all agreed to cease creating warforged and to utterly destroy all documentation regarding the mystic technique. Still, there were hundreds of warforged already in existence, and instead of destroying them, the artificers set them free into the world and told them to create their own place in the grand scheme of things. Now, thousands of years later, warforged are few in number, though there are still a handful roaming the kingdoms of Elaria.

Changes from "Eberron Player's Guide":



This information, and more, will be featured in the "Elaria Player's Guide," coming soon!

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The Rare Races of Elaria
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