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 The Setup

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PostSubject: The Setup   The Setup Icon_minitimeMon May 03, 2010 5:48 pm

Dyna Village isn't much, over all. A single inn with a few rooms and a common room below, a local garrison assigned to protect the pass into the Cadal Mountains, a general store, and handful of small, wattle and daub residences. It's only claim to fame is its position near the aforementioned pass, which was once watched over and defended by the now-ruined Fort Boulder.

Goblins were an ever present danger for Dyna Village, hence the permanent garrison, and many other dangerous creatures also were known to come down from the mountains on occasion to harass the people of the village. Some claimed that an ancient dragon slumbered somewhere in the mountains above the village, hidden in a deep cavern somewhere. Others said that the goblins had made themselves at home in the ruined fort, and were trying to create a true kingdom for themselves, to make themselves a real power. Still others said that the crumbling ruins of Fort Boulder were haunted by those doomed soldiers who were killed there when the goblins overran and destroyed the stronghold centuries earlier.

All in all, Dyna Village was a great place for any would-be adventurer to make a name for him- or herself...

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The Setup
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