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 The Elven Realms (Heva/Loriel)

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PostSubject: The Elven Realms (Heva/Loriel)   The Elven Realms (Heva/Loriel) Icon_minitimeMon May 03, 2010 4:23 pm

The Elven Realms (Heva/Loriel) Lorielfinished

The Elven Realms encompass the northern portion of the eastern continent. It is a heavily forested land, one that suits the elven people perfectly. The wood elves, by nature, are a nomadic people who roam the forests of their lands, for there is a wanderlust in them that cannot be satisfied by remaining in one set place. Over the centuries, though, there have been those wood elves who have chosen to construct small villages scattered throughout their realm, joining together with like-minded others to form small, close-knit communities. Also, in the heart of the elven lands, there is Elafindiel, the majestic city of the wood elves. It is a magical place, with towering trees the likes of which cannot be found anywhere else in the world. The leaves of these trees shimmer and glow dimly in all colors: reds, blues, greens, yellows, purples, even silver and gold. Great walkways and platforms have been built in and around these trees, and some living quarters have even been created in hollowed out spots in the massive trees as well. Anyone of elven blood is welcome in Elafindiel, and even those nomadic tribes of wood elves that roam the forests sometimes come to spend weeks, months, or even—rarely―years in the comfort of the ancient city.

Unlike the wood elves, the high elves prefer to dwell within the magical, crystalline city of Heva. There are few other settlements upon their island kingdom (which is called Heva, as well), though they maintain the port town of Filiel, for those who wish to commute back and forth between the high elven kingdom and the rest of the elven lands, and the mountain outpost of Oriana, which is always on guard for any kind of danger from across the sea.



RIVER REINA: This is the wide, rapidly flowing river that flows down from the Mordain Mountains, separating the elven lands from the human kingdoms to the south. For this reason, it is often called the Boundary River. Legends say that, centuries ago, the river flowed along a different course. When the elves decided to retreat beyond their borders, it is claimed that they used their magic to alter the river’s course to its present location.

RIVER KASTEEL: Branching off and flowing south from River Reina, Kasteel acts as the border between the human kingdoms of Vilnis and Frontia.

THULIEL LAKE / THULIEL RIVERS: This large, clear, cold lake is the source of three small rivers that flow south. The rivers are called West Thuliel, South Thuliel, and East Thuliel. West Thuliel flows into the city of Elafindiel, where it empties into a basin in the center of the city. South Thuliel cuts most of the elven lands in half as it flows south, eventually joining with the River Reina. East Thuliel flows south and east, where it empties into the sea.


HEVA: The capital city of the high elves. Its northern climate would normally make it a terribly cold place, but elven magic keeps the temperature clement at all times. The city itself is carved from huge spires of ice and crystal.

PORT FILIEL: A port city, and the only other civilian settlement on the isle of Heva. It is from here that any high elf who chooses can journey to the elven lands, and vice versa.


ELAFINDIEL: The capital of the elven lands. Said to be the most beautiful city on the face of Elaria, it is spoken of as a legend among those not of elven descent, for they will never lay eyes upon the mystical tree-city.

KIRIN VILLAGE: A small village, closer to the northern coast.

LEGALE VILLAGE: Another small elven village deep within the heart of the forest.

PORT KALIS: This small, port village is the second largest elven settlement after Elafindiel. Here, a number of ships are maintained for those who wish to travel back and forth between the elven forests and Heva.

SELIEL VILLAGE: This is the northernmost elven village. While only slightly further north than the high elven capital of Heva, the elves there lack the magical protection of the high elven city. As such, it is a snowy, cold village, though it seems to suit its inhabitants well.


ORIANA OUTPOST: This military outpost is located on a mountain peak in eastern Heva. The high elves keep constantly vigilant against any threat from across the sea.


SILPH OUTPOST: The wood elves maintain this outpost, located as far east as you can go while remaining in their lands. Its purpose is the same as Oriana's, though they also keep a wary eye on their human neighbors to the south.
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The Elven Realms (Heva/Loriel)
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