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 Ered, Shaman of the Tree of Trees

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Ered, Shaman of the Tree of Trees Empty
PostSubject: Ered, Shaman of the Tree of Trees   Ered, Shaman of the Tree of Trees Icon_minitimeThu Apr 29, 2010 12:50 am

Strength and flexibility...

As the sapling, aye.

Subtlety and patience...

As the vine, aye.

Beauty and deadliness...


As... the woman?

If the spirit standing beside the tall elf could have sighed, he would have. It was summer, the warrior, who was speaking with the shaman as they looked out on the vast army below. The wood elf himself stood at six feet and two inches with brown hair which streaked with green and was formed into dreadlocks. Woven into the dreads where bits of bone and plant matter along with feathers of various birds. His features were angular, slender, though masculine nonetheless. With a body that much matched his facial features, he would not have proven too entirely intimidating.

The spirit which accompanied him, one of four, was that which represented the summer season. Enormously tall, the spirit seemed to be crafted from stone and tough tree parts. He moved with grace and though no mouth formed on his face, he had piercing eyes as the sun reflected in a pool of water.

You've been guided by we spirits for thousands of years Ered and yet you still have your moments of idiocy...

Or perhaps I am distracted by the beauty which approches?

Bah, you creatures are impossible...

With that the spirit dissapated into the air as a slender female sidled up beside the male. "Greetings Ered, it has been too long. I see the spirits are watching over you still." Ered turned to smile softly at the elfen female beside him.

"How are you Junial? Your husband is well, yes?" He nodded, not really waiting for an answer. "They are many." His arm lifted towards the army below, a long totem scribed with many tiny runes, held firmly in his hand. "There is a corruption about them... have the elders taken note of it? Can they smell it for I can. And my spirits whisper of it from time to time..."

"Yes, I'm sure they've sensed it. Though they've likely seen the effects far better. The magics here are... " She shivered, clutching at the staff in her slender hand. "Why have you come?"

A chuckle escaped the male, "Why do I ever appear when these things happen? The spirits have roused me from my wanderings and dumped me here. Though they tell me this is but a stepping stone..." His eyes focused far to the south, "They tell me I will travel far before I find my peace again."

"You should have taken a wife Ered..." Junail's voice was soft as she observed the figure beside her. "You should have settled down and had children."

"You were taken... the spirits are my life. You know this more than any." Ered stepped towards a small copse of trees nearby, "Be safe old friend."

As he disappeared into the very trunk of one of the trees, Junail sighed, "And you old friend... do come back to me."
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Ered, Shaman of the Tree of Trees
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